Quality & tradition

The company came into being in the year of 2005 as a result of conversion from a foregin branch- THE "SEGESTICA" d.o.o. Proizvodnja Alkohola , Pića i Octa Sisak, Croatia which began to run the buisnes on the basis of the registration to the record of foregin entrepreneurs’ branches to the day 1st November 1999.

‘BACATT’ GRAPE WINES COMPANY operates on the basis of the certificate of the registration of an economic business, The company has its base in Toruń, which is considered as one of the most beautiful and charming places in Poland, famous for its great astronomer Copernicus. Since February 2005 the company obtained a strategic business partner from Hungary Kiskun-Vin Kft Akasztó which became not only the main underlying wines and loose grape wines deliverer but also, tanks to reciprocal cooperation, caused that the BACAT COMPANY remains its high position on the grape wines importers’ market, and not only in Poland but also in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia, Romania, and the USA. From January 2006 the company linked the cooperation with the Italian producer of grape- concentrates and juices.

The year 2008/2009 is the opening of bottle Hungarian wines to the Macro Cash and Carry Poland SA and alcoholic wholesale firms in Poland.

The main area of our activity is sale of qualitative white and grape table wines, loose or in bottles in accordance with the (UE) NR 1493/1999 from 17 May 1999, (UE) NR 1601/1991 from 10 June 1991.

Our products are delivered directly from a manufacturer to a receiver. The quality of the products undergoes very careful process of quality control. What the yearly turnover of the firm is the sale of the above one million Euro.

The firm is a principal agent of the firm Kiskun-Vin Kft in Poland. She does not possess the tax- magazine because nor goes between in the sales of wines with only first-hand with their deliverer from producers from Croatia, Hungarians and Italian.